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Bruschetta (V) (Gluten Free Bread available extra $1.00)
Grilled ciabatta topped with roma tomato, fresh basil & red onion salsa OR Grilled rye sourdough, sweet onion, red pepper, bocconcini & prosciutto.$6.00 per slice
Grilled pumpkin bread, smashed avocado, fresh crab meat & dill creme fraiche.$14.50
Crusty Mixed Grain Loaf (V)
Oven baked mixed grain loaf served hot with rosemary & garlic olive oil.$8.50
Garlic Bread
French stick coated with garlic and parsley butter & toasted till golden brown.$7.50
Sesame Dinner Roll (V)
Crusty dinner roll sprinkled with sesame seeds & served with whipped butter.$2.00
Tapas Plate (V) – (Gluten Free Bread available extra $1.00)
A selection of red pepper & feta, black olive tapenade & guacamole with bread sticks & toasted ciabatta.$13.00


Chef’s Oysters of the Day
Plump oysters served w chef’s special sauce of the day. Ask our waitstaff for today’s special.$3.80 each
Oysters Kilpatrick
Plump Oysters topped with bacon & Dundee’s special tangy Worchester sauce & grilled until crispy.$3.80 each
Oysters Mornay
Plump Oysters covered in Mornay sauce & sprinkled with grated parmesan & grilled until golden.$3.80 each
Oysters Natural
Plump Oysters with soy, ginger and lime dipping sauce.$3.50 each


1/2 Shell Scallops (4) (GF)
Roe off Hervey Bay 1/2 shell scallops baked with crispy prosciutto & drizzed with a basil pesto dressing.$25.80
Antipasto (a good one to share)
A great one to start a meal with – a selection of shaved prosciutto, Hungarian salami, smoked salmon, pitted Kalamata olives, semi-dried tomatoes, chargrilled red pepper, artichokes, balsamic onions, boccincini, basil pesto, tomato and fennel relish, toasted ciabata and crisp lavoshe.$27.50
Dundee’s Taster Plate for two
A selection of prosciutto scallops, tempura soft shell crab, oyster’s natural, crusted calamari, smoked salmon and chilled prawns.$42.00
Field Mushrooms
Sautéed field mushrooms and roast red peppers on grilled Ciabatta with creamy buffalo feta, rocket & truffle oil.$18.00
Roast Duck Spring Rolls
Shredded Roast Duck, Rice Noodles and Mixed Julienne Vegetables rolled in Spring Roll Pastry with Chilli, Lime and Coriander Dipping Sauce$16.00
Roast Sweet Potato & Artichoke Salad
Roast sweet potato & artichoke, red peppers bocconcini & baby spinach coated with a light citrus dressing with toasted pinenuts.$18.50
Seafood Chowder
A rich thick & creamy seafood soup with crispy ciabatta bread.$15.00
Smoked Salmon and Avocado Stack
Crisp tortilla’s layered with smoked salmon, guacamole and snow pea sprouts with pearl caviar and dill crème fraiche dressing.$22.50
Soft Shell Crab
Crispy tempura soft shell crab with toasted sesame seed & honey mayonnaise.$19.50
Soup of the Day
Served with a crusty bread roll. Ask our waitstaff for today’s special.$10.00
Octopus Salad
BBQ marinated octopus tossed in a salad of sweet onions, roast red pepper, black olives & wild rocket with crumbled feta.$18.50
BugTail & mango salad
Chilled bugtail meat tossed through a light salad of mango, mixed leaves, chilli, cherry tomatoes and shaved coconut coated with lime mayo.$24.80
chicken wings
Marinated chicken wings fried until crispy, served with an Asian style coleslaw and a hot chilli mayo dipping sauce.$15.50
Calamari StripsEntree           Main
Calamari coated in Dundee’s special seasoning lightly fried served with tom yum mayo.$16.50           $29.00
Chilli Prawns
Prawns sautéed in fresh chilli deglazed with white wine and finished with rich tomato sauce and served on jasmine rice.$26.00 (5)      $46.00 (9)
Garlic Prawns(GF)
Tiger prawns sautéed in garlic with sundried tomatoes, English spinach, finished with white wine & cream.$26.00 (5)     $46.00 (9)
Slices of char grilled marinated tender sirloin tossed through an Asian style salad with soy & ginger dressing.$18.80           $34.00


Caesar Salad(GF)
Baby cos leaves, shaved parmesan, bacon & crouton coated in a creamy anchovy dressing. $14.50          $18.50
Caesar Salad with chilled Tiger Prawns $22.50(5)  $33.00(9)
Caesar Salad with Spicy Fried or Grilled Chicken $18.50      $23.50
Caesar Salad with Calamari $18.50      $23.50
Caesar Salad with Lamb Cutlets $20.50(2) $34.50(4)
Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon $22.50      $33.00)


We have worked with our meat suppliers Byrnes Meats (a local business) and Top Cut (a National company) to bring you the best and most consistent produce for you to enjoy.

All our steaks are MSA graded and aged for a minimum of 21 days.  We chargrill and baste your steak with our special liqueur (not gluten free) and serve with your choice of potato and our freshly made sauces.  Please let our waitstaff know how you would like your steak cooked and if you would like one of our fabulous side dishes to accompany your meal.

new york sirloin on the bone (300g grain fed)
Produced from grain finished yearling beef, renowened for superior eating quality and is characterised by a clean juicy taste.  Served on the bone the New York cut sirloin delivers a crisp flavour on the palate.$34.50
Eye Fillet (220g grain fed)
Leanest and most tender, from purebred Black Angus bred cattle, ensures exceptional eating.$39.00
RIB CUTLET (400g grass fed)
O’Connor beef is sourced from selected British bred cattle, grazing free range on natural pastures in the Gippsland region of Victoria. This meat is from slightly older animals, which have time to develop a depth of flavour and a level of marbling, usually associated with grain fed cattle.$42.50
Rump (250g or 500g grain fed)
A minimum of 100 days grain fed marble score 2 pure bred Angus is grown to exacting standards to ensure consistently high quality eating experience. This cut has the full flavour you expect from a rump.$26.00 (250g)   $37.00 (500g)
Sirloin Steak (200g grass fed)
Lean, full flavoured sirloin of soft British bred Hereford cattle from the Riverina in southern New South Wales.$32.00
T-Bone (450g grain fed)
Raised on the picturesque Channel Country of North Queensland these cattle are grazed on a mixture of grasses before being grain fed for 100 days.  This grain ration delivers a rick flavour and superior texture.  Being aged on the bone adds another depth of flavour to the finished product.$38.00
The best of the best! Full blood Wagyu cattle that is grass fed to capture ultimate flavour and texture with impressive marbling.Cattle are grazed naturally and sustainably on lush and hormone free pastures, in the north-west tip of Tasmania.Robbins Island Wagyu is the best marbled beef in the world and is famous for its tenderness and unique flavour.


Blue, Rare, Medium/Rare, Medium, Medium/Well Done, Well Done, Cremated.
Sauces Potato Mustard Selection – 50c
Mushroom Honey Roast Sweet Potato Hot English
Green Pepper Corn Creamy Mash Dijon
Mustard & Chilli Super Crunchy Chips (GF Avail) Seeded
Smokey BBQ French
Red Wine Jus


Slowly braised 1.2kg veal shank for 8 hours in Dundee’s special liquer then glazed with apricot and red wine until sticky & tender served with creamy mash & a mixed leaf salad.$52.00PORK RIBSHickory basted pork ribs with coleslaw, fries & smoky BBQ dipping sauce.     $47.00surf & turf (200g grass fed sirloin steak)Tender sirloin served with roast sweet potato & topped with prawns sauteed in garlic with sundried tomatoes, English spinach, white wine & cream..$42.00

lamb cutlets
Chargrilled rosemary infused lamb cutlets on mashed potato, wilted spinach, balsamic onions and chilli mustard jus…$39.00
steak & rib combo
Chargrilled 250g rump steak to your liking and served with slow braised beef ribs, fries, aioli and red wine jus.$35.90
chicken breast
Oven baked skin on chicken pocketed with sundried tomato, garlic butter and avocado served with roast sweet potatoes, sugar peas and a creamy macadamia nut pesto sauce.$30.00

Barramundi Supreme (gf)
Wild caught barramundi pan seared, served on roast sweet potato with a selection of prawns, mussels, scallops and a yabby in a creamy white wine sauce.$45.00
Fish of the Day
Please ask our staff for today’s special!MARKET PRICE
Bucket of Bugs & Prawns
Chilled local bug tails and prawns served on ice with grilled ciabatta, mixed leaf salad & Mary Rose sauce.$45.00
Crispy beer battered reef fish, beer battered prawns, tempura soft shell crab, crumbed scallop, crusted calamari and fries served with a rocket, shaved parmesan & apple salad.$29.50
Calamari StripsEntree           Main
Calamari strips coated in Dundee’s special seasoning lightly fried & served with tom yum mayo.$16.50               $29.00
Garlic Prawns(GF)
Prawns sautéed in garlic with sundried tomatoes, English spinach, finished with white wine & cream served on jasmine rice.$26.00 (5)      $46.00 (9)
Chilli Prawns
Prawns sautéed in fresh chilli deglazed with white wine and finished with rich tomato sauce and served on jasmine rice.$26.00 (5)      $46.00 (9)
Dundee’s Ultimate Seafood Experience
Hot and cold platter for two or more. For the serious SEAFOOD LOVER a selection of chilled steamed mud crab, yabbies, prawns, oysters, mussels and bug tails with ½ BBQ lobster, garlic prawns, grilled Barramundi, oysters Kilpatrick, chilli bug tail spagettini, steamed black mussels in an Asian broth, proscuitto scallops, crispy calamari, fries, tropical fruit & Dundee’s sauces.MARKET PRICE
chef’s choice seafood platter (Recommended for 2)
A selection of chilled prawns, bug tails, oysters, mussels & red claw with hot barramundi strips, prosciutto and pesto topped 1/2 scallops, hot crispy calamari, fries, garlic prawns wish jasmine rice, steamed tomato and chilli blue shell mussels accompanied by tropical fruit & Dundee’s sauces.MARKET PRICE
A sumptuous hot and cold selection of chilled half mud crab, yabbies, prawns, mussels, oysters, bug tails, hot crispy calamari, Barramundi strips and crumbed scallops with tropical fruits and Dundee’s sauces.MARKET PRICE
Seafood Platter for two
A tempting selection of chilled whole mud crab, half lobster, yabbies, bug tails, prawns, oysters, mussels, grilled barramundi, half shell scallops, hot crispy calamari and fries accompanied by tropical fruit and Dundee’s sauces.MARKET PRICE
Steamed plump spring bay mussels in your choice of chilli, tomato OR garlic, white wine, parsley & cream sauce.$28.50
beer battered fish & chips
Beer battered reef fish served with fries and mixed leaf salad with lime mayo.$28.90
garlic yabbies (gf)
Local tableland yabbies oven roasted in garlic butter, served on seasoned rice.$46.50
Wild Barramundi
Wild caught barramundi, pan seared, served with roast sweet potato & topped with bowen mango salsa & lemon Beurre Blanc.$36.00


Avocado, Sweet Onions & Feta Spagettini
Thin spagettini tossed with avocado, sweet red onions, olives, cherry tomatoes, red peppers & baby spinach with crumbled buffalo feta.$27.00
Bacon and Mushroom Linguine
Sautéed bacon, mushroom & baby spinach in a white wine & creamy sauce, finished with green eschallots.$27.50
Bugtail Spaghetti
Sautéed bug tails in chilli & garlic tossed, with thin spaghetti and wild rocket coated in lemon & olive oil.$36.50
Seafood Linguine
Linguine pasta tossed with a selection of sauteed prawns, mussels, scallops, calamari & Octopus in a garlic and tomato sauce.$38.50
Smoked Chicken & Chorizo Penne
Shredded smoked chicken, chorizo, kalamata olives & wild rocket tossed with penne pasta in a rich tomato & olive oil sauce.$29.00
prawn & scallop pappardelle
Thick, flat pasta tossed with sauteed prawns, roe on scallops, semi dried tomatoes & spinach in a creamy white wine pesto sauce.$32.50
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (v) (gluten free not available)
Pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese with a rich tomato sauce, drizzled with basil pesto.$25.00


Hop Rock
lean kangaroo fillet.$30.00
Lamb Cutlet Rock
Rosemary infused lamb cutlets.$38.00
Oz Beef Rock
Australian prime eye fillet steak.$36.90


Australian Sampler Plate
A taste of Australia’s most popular cuisine – chargrilled eye fillet, pan seared wild barramundi, kangaroo striploin satays, crocodile tail satays, emu chipolatas and a tiger prawn satay served with honey roast sweet potato, teriyaki, spicy peanut and plum sauces with lemon buerre blanc.$41.50
Kangaroo Loin
Peppered Kangaroo Loin fillet, char grilled & sliced with crispy prosciutto, red wine jus & wild rosella jam.$32.00
Kangaroo Satay-CONTAINS PEANUTSEntree           Main
Barbecued bite size pieces of Skewered Kangaroo, with a wombok, snow pea sprout, chilli salad with a spicy peanut dipping sauce.$18.00         $31.00
Aussie Connection-CONTAINS PEANUTS
A combination of barbecued crocodile and kangaroo satay’s, with a wombok, snow pea sprout, chilli salad and a duo of teriyaki and spicy peanut dipping sauce on rice.$19.80         $32.50
Crocodile Satay
Barbecued bite size pieces of Skewered crocodile, with a wombok, snow pea sprout, chilli salad with a teriyaki dipping sauce.$20.00         $34.00

SIDES (All $5.50)

Coleslaw (contains peanuts)
Shredded wombok & Asian flavours, coated in tom yum mayo.$5.50
Mixed Leaf Salad
Mixed salad leaves with cherry tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese & snow pea sprouts, coated in a balsamic dressing.$5.50
Rocket & Apple Salad(V & GF)
Rocket, shaved parmesan & shredded apple salad with balsamic dressing.$5.50
Sugar Snap Peas
Sautèed sugar snap peas and English spinach in chilli & garlic.$5.50
Fries Mixed Vegetables
Creamy Mashed Potato Sautéed Field Mushrooms
Steamed Rice Crumbed Onion Rings


Please ask staff for the flavour of today’s cheese cake.$15.00
Dundees Desert Taster Plate
Chocolate and Kahlua mousse tartlet, strawberry gelato in a waffle cone and mango brulee.$19.50
Marshmallow Pavlova
with blueberry compote, passionfruit syrup and honeycomb shards.$12.50
Sticky Date Pudding
Sticky date and ginger pudding served with toffee sauce and vanilla ice-cream.$15.00
Magnum lava
Dark chocolate lava pudding with a mini Magnum ice-cream, honeycomb crumbs and double cream.$17.00
Coconut and Malibu parfait with lychee salsa and macadamia biscotti$15.00
banana fritters
Cinnamon sugared banana frittrs with toffee sauce and coconut gelato$15.00
today’s tart
Tart of the Day with blueberry compote and vanilla anglaise.  Ask staff for the flavour of today’s tart.$15.00
cheese plate
Cheese plate consisting of three cheeses.  Please see today’s selection$22.50
Choose from milk chocolate, strawberry, maccadamia or coconut$4.50
Choose from passionfruit, mango, strawberry, lemon and lime$4.50